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The Loopr “Puff Bus” Featured in the Boston Herald

As more states continue to join the legalization bandwagon, our vision grows grander and our goal of expansion gains traction. And considering our East Coast roasts, we can’t wait to take our bus to less green pastures.

One of our likely destinations is the legal land of Massachusetts, where cannabis will begin flowing like lobster rolls in 2018. When the summer of Sativa hits in 2018, our goal is to be a presence in the Massachusetts cannabis tourism market.

This week, the Boston Herald ...

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5 steps to rolling the perfect joint


  1. Select the perfect paper: the paper always select the 4 inch papers. Whether they are bleached or natural, firstly I make a  mountain fold along the lower ¼ inch to form a crease to pack my weed into. Larger crease, larger joint!
  2. The Crutch: After making a nice crease I create a crutch from the provided tabs or any thick paper available. The crutch is not a filter, but serves as a place to hold the joint from as well as keeps weed from su...

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