Note: These brands' THC products are not for sale on the Loopr bus. 

Here's a list of our amazing brand sponsors that help us let you ride high!

Check out the world premiere of the new show Live On The Loopr Lounge! Explore cannabis culture, see what goes on behind the scenes, and enjoy a rollicking good time as we take you to the first ever Dab Off!

Colorado Product Services is dedicated to producing and distributing the highest quality cannabis products that consistently exceed our customers' expectations.

Looking for a unique place to eat in Denver, CO? Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs is a place you have to visit. It has accolades other Denver hot dog restaurants can only dream of. Yelp has ranked it twelfth best restaurant in the country and Foursquare ranked us the fourth best hot dog restaurant in the country. So we think it is safe to say we are the best hot dog joint in Denver! View more of our numerous accolades and awards. What makes Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs so Unique? What, exactly, defines a gourmet hot dog other than the addition of an overused adjective? How about exotic meats like reindeer, wild boar, rattlesnake, pheasant, elk, antelope, jack-a-lope and buffalo all bolstered by quirky (and delicious) toppings, including squiggles of cream cheese unloaded from a caulking gun, caramelized onions soaked in Coke (the cola version), harissa-roasted cactus, Malaysian curry jam, wasabi aioli or caramelized apples?

WAX, SHATTER, TERP SYRUP & CBD EndoCanna's waxes, shatters, live resins, and CBD concentrates are among the cleanest in the state of Colorado. Our goal is to produce high-cannabinoid, terpene-rich cannabis concentrates. Although we are focused on potency, quality and consistency are also the end goal whenever we craft our cannabis extracts. Check out our three-time Hemp Connoisseur Championship-winning CBD nectar.

About Purple Haze Purple Haze, Inc. is a retail business engaged in the sales of gift and novelty items, tobacco, and accessories; including Clothing, Incense, Artwork, Tobacco Products & Accessories, Candles, and Jewelry. Purple Haze originally opened in 1995, and is one of the longest running head shops serving the Denver Area. A big thank you to all of our loyal customers! Mission Statement: "To consistently amaze the customer - by welcoming them with an inviting atmosphere, retaining them with excellent customer service, and providing them with an exceptional quality and extensive selection of products." Vision Statement: "To emerge as a leader in the Denver market, and shape the future of the one-stop smoke shop by providing customers the items they require at competitive prices, maintaining the most extensive selection of high quality glass products in the area, educating the customer on the advances in technology and the industry, and offering them exceptional customer service and convenient locations. To consistently exceed the customer's expectations, and to create loyalty within our customers and community."

Cannabis Station Our Ballpark venue is located in the heart of Denver, walking distance from Coors Field and other favorite city attractions. Medical marijuana patients, tourists, and retail consumers can fill up on their Diesel and much more at our signature location known to encompass the Denver vibe. Whether you’re looking for a mid-inning pit stop or a smooth strain before you hit Denver’s nightlife, we’ve got you covered.

We handcraft every product with pure-extracted THC and a process we’re proud of. We go far above and beyond the mandated batch testing and triple lab test every product we sell. Because when it comes to cannabis, consistency, and accuracy are highly important. At Dixie, we’re a lot more than the producers of THC-infused products. We are the future of cannabis.

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